Pushing the River, is that bad?

Nancy is where are the true artists go: Crazy Self-Doubt Land. Isn’t this where we all are at some point??

I'm Not As Crazy As I Could Be

There is a concept in Al-Anon called “pushing the river”.  What it means is that there are some of us that are so strong-willed, so determined to get what we want, what we think is the right thing for us, that we will exert enough force to actually make a river run uphill. Being me is not for the faint of heart, my friends. On the contrary, I am one of the most courageous, tenacious, resourceful and out of my fucking mind persons you will ever meet. I am also a champion river-pusher. And it is exhausting.

But what is the difference between pushing that old man river and being simply courageous, tenacious and resourceful? When do I give up on something and when do I hunker in and work? How do I know if a current action is what I’m supposed to be doing or just an ego-driven enterprise?

Since my business…

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